For home and school use, the standard plastic set with a 95mm (3¾") king which has felted bases is recommended. This is the set seen at most junior and adult events. This comes in a durable plastic rectangular box with a firmly fitting lid, or with a drawstring bag. Price  £9.50.

To go with this, 2 types of board are stocked:

The cheapest is the roll up vinyl 'mat'. Great on a table at home or school if to be stored flat. 4.75cm squares £2.95

The Folding board at £6.95 has the advantage of being portable - great for taking to a tournament, on holiday etc. and stores well. 2 inch squares.

Various travel sets, both with stand up pieces and flat 'disc' pieces, magnetic and not, are stocked. Spare pieces of most of these are available if you cannot find that pawn under the seat in the car!

If you are looking for a quality wooden set, these can be ordered in a variety of woods. Recommended are those of Staunton pattern if they are for juniors to play on but other sets are available if desired.

Do please enquire.


DGT2010 Popular digital clock used in congresses  £45.00

Leap KK9908 digital clock  £30

DGT 960  Pocket sized digital clock £29.95

Other clocks as available.


A roll-up slotted hanging demonstration board (7cm squares; approx. 65cm x 65cm) is stocked which is great for use in a school or club and portable, and comes in a handy case. £30

Other types are available - please ask.


Available at £25 each - 32 players.


Pairing Cards (9 rounds)  own design - now £3.50 for 100

Result Slips (100)   95p 

Scoresheet pads available in white, blue and yellow (peel off pads of 100 sheets) £3.95

Loose scoresheets (with same sheet design as my pads, scorebooks and scorepads) 100 sheets £3.25    500 £12.50



Discount prices apply for bulk orders. Please enquire.