Price list

Price list

If you wish to purchase items by post please send a cheque payable to Tim Onions for the required amount, or contact me to pay by faster payment or BACS.

Postage/ carriage   will be charged at cost + £1.

Typically, large orders (multiple equipment orders for clubs/schools and book orders over about 8 books - 2Kg) will go by courier which costs £13 (from 1st September 2019), smaller orders by post costing between £2 and £6.  Please phone or e mail for exact carriage/postage costs to add to your order when sending a cheque or to pay by BACS/ faster payment.

If ordering for a school or club, or ordering in bulk, please ask for a personalised quote as discounts will usually apply.

Terms: strictly payment with order.



Standard Tournament Chess Set – 3¾ inch King in plastic box £9.50

Box or drawstring bag £2.00

Board: folding £7.25

Board: roll up £2.95

Folding board, set and bag or box £17 discounts for 5+.

Travel sets  

Folding Wooden and plastic magnetic sets usually in stock of various sizes - please enquire. These are strongly magnetic with a slot inside for each piece. 

>Others as available> 



DGT 2010 £49.95

DGT Travel digital clock £30    



Hardback- 100 games  £5.99

Softback - Junior 50 games - laminated - in various colours £3.75

10+  (clubs, organisers) £2.95

Score pads - Junior 50 games - various colours - spiral binding £3.75


Scoresheet Pads – (100 sheets) £3.95

Pairing Cards (100) 7 round £3.50

Result slips (100) £0.95

Chart - 6 round £1.25 



Metal Badges own design - (in various colours) £1

Chess Pen - own design - all black ink, various £1

Keyring: Wooden £2.00

Roll-up Demonstration Board £30

MEDALS bronze/silver/gold with ribbon £1.75

Prices for bulk orders on request


more popular Books/booklets normally in stock

(Books in bold are for the stronger junior)

See our list of recommended books for comments on titles.

Please don’t hesitate to make contact if you require advice/help in choosing the right book(s). This is the basic stock and the most popular which are usually held – there are many other titles in stock at any time as well. In addition most books in print can be ordered - Do please enquire.

Chess from Scratch 


Usborne - My First Chess Book £7.99

Basman: Beginner to Winner £6.95  

Chess Players' Bible £13.99

Kasparov: Checkmate: My First Chess Book  now £5

Chandler&Milligan: Chess for Children £9.99

Usborne - Complete book of Chess £9.99  


Openings (in rough order of difficulty) 

Basman: Chess Traps £0.90

Onions/ Regis - Ten Ways to Succeed in the Opening £4.95  

Watson & Burgess - Chess Openings for Kids £9.99

Chess Opening Traps for Kids £12.50

Ward - Improve Your Opening Play £10.99  

Seirawan - Winning Chess Openings £14.99    


Tactics/ Middlegame   

Chandler: Chess Tactics for Kids £9.99  

Onions/Regis- Ten Ways to Succeed in the Middlegame £4.95  




Onions/Regis: Ten Ways to Succeed in the Endgame £4.95

Muller - Chess Endgames for Kids £9.99

Flear: Improve Your Endgame Play £12.99


Basman: Find the Mate £2.95

Basman: Mate in One £2.25

Basman: Mate in Two £1.50

Basman: Puzzle me Chess £0.75

Chandler - Chess Puzzles for Kids £9.99 



Chandler: How to beat Your Dad at chess £9.99