There are tournaments and coaching days held in the county. Use this site to get information about events including those organised by the Devon Junior Chess Association.
For adult chess events and news see the Chess Devon website; the junior news is here and should have results from previous tournaments.

A note about the Devon Junior Chess Association:
This association exists to promote junior chess in the county. It organises tournaments and coaching days for players of all abilities from those who are new to competitive chess right through to those who play at county level. Players from the age of 7 through to those in their teens take part in the events and come from many schools and the junior clubs that exist in the county. The association selects and runs county Under 11 and Under 9 teams.

There are also events for over 11s run on behalf of the Devon County Chess Association which includes the County Under-14 team.

Past events

Title About Results
Tuesday, April 4, 2017 - 09:00 Abbey Easter Chess
Saturday, March 25, 2017 - 09:00 Devon U18 invitational 1st Leif HAFSTAD 2nd= Nicky BACON, Reece WHITTINGTON
Saturday, December 3, 2016 - 11:15 Devon Junior Chess Championships 2017 Schools Team Competition U11/U9 19/30 Exeter Junior School 17½/30 Abbey School 11/24 Broadclyst Primary 10/24 Ellacombe Academy U9 1st Caleb CALESHU 6/6 2nd Josh KEAY 5/6 3rd Albert BAXTER 3½/6 Best girl: Serena BOVEY / Charlotte LESLIE 2½/6 Best U8: Serena BOVEY 2½/6 U11 1st Nathan NG 5½/6 2nd= Frederick SANSBURY / Connor FITZPATRICK 5/6 Best girl: Niranjana NARAYANAN 4/6 U15 1st= Nicky BACON / Robert LIU 5½/6 3rd Toby O'DONOGHUE 5/6 Best U14 Toby O'DONOGHUE 5/6 Best U13 Evan McMULLEN 4½/6 Best U12 Kieran RAINE 4/6 Best girl: Daisy GRUNDY 3½/6
Saturday, October 1, 2016 - 09:15 DJCA Riviera Tournament 2017 U9 1st Joshua KEAY 6½/7 2nd= Joshua HWANG, Caleb CALESHU 5½/7 Top player Year 3 or under: Cobie KING 4½/7 Best girl: Serena BOVEY U11 1st Nathan NG 5½/6 2nd= Benny BACON, Stefan FILIP 4½ (both under-10!) Best girl: Niranjana NARAYANAN 4/6 U14 1st Ollie BACON 5/6 2nd Evan McMULLEN 4½/6 3rd= James GIBBS, Michael HODGKINSON 4/6 3½ Harry BREWER 3 Catriona MASON